Extricom Wireless WiFi System 

Extricom Wireless - When No-One Else Can! 
> Simpler Design and Maintenance 
> Better RF Coverage 
> Predictable Throughput 
> Continuous Mobility 
> The Architecture Built for 802.11n 
Extricom’s award-winning WiFi system is a new generation of business-class wireless network that scales from a single office to multi-building corporate campuses. Developed to tackle real-world business challenges, the Extricom WLAN has established its reputation by providing reliable service where other WLAN systems have failed to perform to expectations, in some of the harshest environments possible. 
Cell-based architecture 
Blanket architecture 
The Channel Blanket Difference 
The Extricom WiFi System makes it possible to leverage any wireless application anywhere in the enterprise. Extricom’s unique Channel Blanket architecture simplifies Access Points (APs) and places the wireless intelligence in a central switch. Extricom’s UltraThin APs are configured to use the same channel, which eliminates the complexities of cell planning and simplifies wireless deployments. The Channel Blanket architecture enables each radio channel to be used everywhere, from every AP, to create large blankets of continuous coverage. In this unique architecture, multiple APs provide coverage and receive each client transmission. The Extricom switch automatically replies from the AP with the best RF signal strength. This additional system level diversity provides the best RF coverage and allows the wireless clients to communicate at the highest possible data rate all the time. 
Extricom delivers superior mobility too. Wireless clients associate with the Extricom switch and do not need to scan, re-associate or re-authenticate as they move – there is no AP-to-AP hand-off within the blanket. This translates to continuous mobility and a high performance wireless connection anywhere inside the Channel Blanket. Extricom APs include multiple radios, allowing additional Channel Blankets to be layered when more capacity or multiple services are needed, and providing an unprecedented level of application control. Multiple services, applications and client types can operate on different blankets, enabling physical isolation throughout the entire system and delivering the appropriate quality of service for each. Extricom’s Channel Blanket architecture enhances all aspects of wireless performance – coverage, throughput, capacity, QoS and mobility 
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