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WiFi Analytics & Reporting 

WiFi Analytics & Reporting - Wi-lytics! 
> Customer demographics 
> Understanding customer habits 
> Social media presence and growth 
> Visibility of loyal customers 
> Awareness of inactive customers 
The platforms powerful reporting and analytics engine, gathers a plethora of valuable, usable information about your customers and how they interact with your venue. The information gathered, far exceeds the simple data capture gathered through a form logon, as not only is the users demographic information such as age, gender, location and email address gathered, which is crucial for effective targeted marketing, it also tracks their activity within your venue. This gives you behavioural data– when they logged on, how long they’re online , how often they visit, whether they’ve stopped visiting and even the type of device they connected with as well as much more, enabling a much deeper understanding of your customer. 
User demographics – including age, gender, location and email address 
Customer dwell time 
How often and when the user comes to your venue 
When was the last time a user came to your venue 
Customer footfall and Wi-Fi engagement 
Social media mentions and people reached 
And much more.... 
Larger organisations can gain even more information which can be tailored to your particular business requirements. For example, large retailers can gather how customers move around and interact with in store displays. This can help you adapt store layouts, planograms, seasonal space and gondola end promotional displays. If this retailer happened to have multiple store locations they could can even see which locations the customer has been to and how often, all from the same portal. 
This information is all collated online, allowing you to quickly and easily initiate loyalty and retention schemes or to simply just better understand your customers and how to enhance their experience. 
The Portal can even sync with data collated through other methods to gain an even broader understanding of your customer, be a central database for all your customer data or alternatively be transferred to you or your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.  
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