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Wi-Fi Locationing Based Services 

Wi-Fi - Location Based Services - Comming soon! 
> Trace customers movements within the venue 
> Understand customers habits 
> Help optimise venue layout 
> Enhance customers venue experience 
The last few years has seen the emergence of smart mobile phone devices which have become extremely popular, these devices which are essentially little pocket sized computers are now an indispensable device to many people. These intelligent devices can enable the KSLWireless platform to offer the WiFi provider (hotel, pub, shopping centre) with even more useful information. As the vast majority of smart device users leave their WiFi switched on, the device, whether actually using the WiFi or not, is able to see the customers WiFi signals throughout the venue resulting in customer's movements being traced from the moment they enter until they leave. 
This can be extremely useful in achieving a better understanding of, customer's habits and the way they interact in your premises. Armed with this information you can adapt your venues layouts and promotional displays to maximize possible revenues.  
The benefits do not stop their either, you are able to locate users throughout a venue and can assist them in order to enhance their experience in your premises. From a promotional offer to the item/service they are currently near, to giving them informative information based on the location to help enrich their visit. 
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