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Social WiFi - KSLWireless Networks 

In many instances Wi-Fi is now seen as an essential requirement when customers visit public venues and in earning their repeat custom. The time of being able to recoup your Wi-Fi investment through charging for the Wi-Fi service has gone, in the majority of cases and is now expected to be supplied free of charge. 
However Wi-Fi can still come at a considerable cost to a public venue, not just in regards to the actual Wi-Fi equipment but also the laws (e.g. digital economy bill) and security measures to adhere to. The procedures of giving out passwords or having a time consuming login process to gain internet access as a measure to help secure the network, is not only a drain on the staff’s time but is also often seen as a real hassle to the customer too. These associated costs and little tangible reward has even deterred some public venues from providing customer Wi-Fi, which is a significant requirement to disregard. A recent survey actually shows that over 60% of people whilst out, search for free Wi-Fi which is a considerable market and this is something which cannot be ignored if venues are wanting to be successful. 
KSLWireless offers a service, which not only adheres to the legal requirements but also enables a much simpler and quicker login process for the customer.The KSLWireless service enables the public Wi-Fi venue to quickly and easily gleam an array of powerful usable information about the user to help promote and better understand their customer habits to ultimately provide an enhanced service. 
KSLWireless helps to..... 
Increase brand awareness 
Better understand your customer 
Enhance customer loyalty 
Deliver customer needs 
Which in turn...... 
Increases customers 
Improves customer dwell time 
Boosts average spend 
Raises repeat custom 
Which Increases Overall Revenues! 
A powerful analytics and  
reporting suite to help better  
understand your customer;  
from age and gender to  
frequency and dwell time.  
Continually updated  
content and security  
filtering ensures only  
appropriate content is  
accessed on site. 
An inbuilt marketing 
platform enabling  
quick and easy  
targeted marketing  
An intuitive, feature 
rich portal allows  
access to a wealth of 
information and easy  
customisable changes.  
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